CyberGhost Dedicated IP Service Launches

How your Dedicated IP works

One of the best VPN services in the world, CyberGhost, announced its Dedicated IP system to allow users to “smooth access to IP-restricted networks without sacrificing any of their privacy and security.” And it’s not “yet another dedicated IP” offering, but something better. Read on for details…

Setting new standards for Dedicated IPs…

Typically, when you get a Dedicated IP, your VPN provider knows what static IP address they assigned to you. This, however, could make it harder for the VPN provider to deliver what CyberGhost refers to as the “complete privacy and security.”

And so CyberGhost decided to launch a better service, one that will “set new standards for Dedicated IPs.”

It does that with its innovative token system, using which the company won’t have records of your Dedicated IP address. Yes, this means that your newly obtained static IP address can’t lead back to you, your email, or even your CyberGhost VPN account.

“Through our Zero-Knowledge System and the use of individual authorization tokens, users can now request and use a Dedicated IP address without revealing any information about themselves,” CyberGhost’s CTO Timo Beyel said in a statement. “This sets a new standard in the VPN industry and challenges the status quo.”

CyberGhost’s Dedicated IPs keep you anonymous online

When you use CyberGhost’s Dedicated IP, you get all the privacy and security you’ve come to expect from regular, shared IP addresses. In other words:

  • Your IP address is hidden.
  • Your connection is encrypted with secure, modern protocols.
  • You’re always protected by CyberGhost’s strict No-logs policy.
  • Your digital footprint doesn’t lead back to you.

Nevertheless, with a single click, you get to switch between your Dedicated IP and a shared IP address – if you fancy so.

Dedicated IPs vs Shared IPs

So whether you need a Dedicated IP or not, CyberGhost has your back — with both offerings providing you with the same level of privacy and security.

How to get a Dedicated IP from CyberGhost

Getting a Dedicated IP address from CyberGhost is easy:

  1. Add a Dedicated IP to your subscription (it’s an add-on).
  2. Choose your location and redeem your token in My Account.
  3. Validate your token in your CyberGhost apps.

And you’re good to go. There are no how-to guides to follow, and you can do it all by yourself.

CyberGhost is offering Dedicated IPs located in the US, Germany, France, UK, and Canada.

Our score:
Price from: $2.75/mo
45-day money-back guarantee



  • Fast download speeds
  • Optimized servers for Netflix
  • One license is good for 7 devices
  • Strict zero-logs policy
  • Some restrictions for torrenting
  • Doesn't work well in China