How We Test VPN Services?

1. We do our installs…
We actually put an effort to buy the software and install it on our computers and phones. We don’t settle for a free trial version as it may lack features of the full package. Cause we want to know how the paid version works and whether it’s worth the money.
2. Desktop + mobile
We test both on desktop and mobile. For Windows apps, we use a 7th generation Core i5 machine and for Mac – we rely on a 2017 MacBook. When it comes to mobile tests, iOS apps are tested with an iPhone X, and Android apps – with Samsung Galaxy S9.
3. It’s all about location
It doesn’t mean much for a person living in the U.S. that some service works flawlessly from, say, Germany. Therefore, we take an extra step to test each VPN service from multiple locations. This provides us with a better idea how the service works in real-life situations.
4. Research
Related to the previous point, we also read stuff online as we know that people living in other parts of the world may experience a different level of service. We think it is important to get the other side of the story, as well. So if we read that someone’s struggling with an app, we try to replicate his/her problem and report about it.
5. Review process
We analyze and test the following elements of every VPN service: number of servers & locations, supported platforms, speed, security, privacy, ease of use, support, streaming, torrenting, ability to bypass censorship (mostly in China, but in other countries as well), and pricing — including free trial and money-back guarantee (where available).