Hello there,

Dusan BelicMy name is Dusan Belic and I’m the guy behind VPN Reports. Meaning, I test and write everything on this site.

In addition to VPNs, I am also interested in other things such as mobile technologies, digital health and gadgets, to name a few.

I created VPN Reports to help users around the world get the best VPN for their specific needs. Whether you are looking to access websites and services that are blocked in your office or country, anonymously download files, access services with other restrictions, or keep a low profile on the world wide web — this site can help you out.

In fact, this site would’ve helped me out some 5 years ago when I had to set up a virtual server in the U.S. and connect through it to be able to access some content that would otherwise be out of my reach. I don’t like content geo-restrictions cause, obviously, I’m not based in the U.S. I live in Belgrade, Serbia — that’s Southeast Europe for those who don’t know.

Back to the site…

To make it easier for everyone to find a VPN, I’ve prepared not one but multiple lists, each catering towards different user needs. There are platform-, country- and usage-specific lists. I have also developed what I’d like to believe is a neat VPN comparison tool, and will also be regularly publishing articles related to VPNs. As the site grows, so will the content offering.

So stay tuned…

In the meantime, if you want to contact me, I could be reached on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. For emails, please use this form. I’m getting so much mail and without that form, I could easily miss your message. Thanks. 😉