Best Mobile VPNs in 2023

Best Mobile VPNs in 2023

It is not just your computer that can/should run VPN software — your smartphone could also benefit from a VPN app.

Heck, since most of us use smartphones more than computers, we would argue it is even more important to have a VPN app running on your smartphone than on any other device.

But which VPN should you get?

It doesn’t have to be that hard – and so we have prepared a list of what we deem are the Best VPNs for Mobile. Check them out:


Our rating:
Price from: $3.29/mo
30-day money-back guarantee



  • 5,000+ servers in the network
  • Easy to use - install it and forget it
  • One license is good for up to 6 devices
  • Strict zero-logs policy
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Chrome extension is just a proxy
  • You can't pay with PayPal


There is a good reason why NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services in the world, and one of our personal favorites, as well.

Its network includes more than 5,000 servers spread across 60 countries, which directly translates into faster speeds. NordVPN is also very secure, relying on the strong 256-bit encryption combined with secure VPN protocols (OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2/IPSec). But as a user, you get a seamless experience with all this technology "doing its thing" in the background.

NordVPN is well suited to pretty much every task you throw at it — whether it's accessing a banned site from some country that filters out the internet, torrenting, accessing streaming services, or just wanting to keep a low profile on the web. It also doesn't keep any logs.

We highly recommend NordVPN to anyone looking for reliable service.

Our rating:
Price from: $8.32/mo
30-day money-back guarantee



  • Feature-rich yet easy to use
  • One of the best VPNs around
  • Strong no-logging policy
  • Reliable support you can reach 24/7
  • Limited number of servers in Africa and the Middle East
  • Kinda pricey


ExpressVPN is one of the best VPS services on the planet. There are a few others that come close — and even outshine ExpressVPN in some specific segments — but as far as the majority of users are concerned, this is the best VPN service they could sign-up for. (alongside NordVPN)

ExpressVPN has great desktop apps for Windows and Mac, mobile apps and browser extensions. Also, it is well suited for video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and others.

However, what makes it stand out is its ease of use. We can't emphasize this enough. One could tell a lot of time has been spent making sure even the advanced features are easily accessible. And we love it for that. Plus, let's not forget ExpressVPN's speed which tends to leave other services in the dust.
Hotspot Shield

Our rating:
Price from: $2.99/mo
45-day money-back guarantee



  • It's super fast!
  • Works with Netflix, BBC and others
  • Easy to use apps, browser extensions
  • You can try it for free!
  • Some advanced features are not configurable
  • Not the best for high-censorship countries


Hotspot Shield could easily be the fastest VPNs out there with its proprietary technology helping the company deliver blazing-fast download AND upload speeds. In fact, it is among our top choices for streaming (Netflix included) and torrenting, and is equally suited for desktop and mobile users.

Furthermore, thanks to the availability of browser extensions - Hotspot Shield is also one of our top choices for Chrome and Firefox VPNs.

Your privacy is equally well protected, with the software only collecting some anonymized that help continually improve its service.

There is one caveat though - it won't work in high-censorship countries like China. If you don't need that in the first place, we highly recommend Hotspot Shield.

As that's typically the case with most VPN services out there, the longer you commit - the better deal you get. However, what makes Hotspot Shield even better is the fact that it offers a 7-day free trial of its service. A few other top VPN providers do the same. Plus, its money-back guarantee lasts for 45 days, making for a risk-free purchase. Cause, you can always get your money back. Sweet and just the way we like it.

Our rating:
Price from: $1.99/mo
30-day money-back guarantee



  • Reliable download and upload speeds
  • Works with Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Strict zero-logs policy
  • Lets you use it on unlimited number of devices
  • Low number of servers in Africa and Australia


Surfshark is a solid all-round VPN offering top-notch security and privacy features. It may not be the best option out there, but it's definitely not the worst. And for the price, it offers a hard to beat package that goes well beyond basic VPN service.

You can rely on it for streaming and torrenting, with included extra features like CleanWeb and MultiHop, delivering a that much better — and more secure — experience.

Surfshark, the company, is based in the British Virgin Islands and with its zero-logs policy makes for a powerful combo to anyone looking to keep its web whereabouts under the radar.

The service is easy to use and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our rating:
Price from: $3.99/mo
30-day money-back guarantee



  • One the best VPNs for torrenting
  • Works well with Netflix
  • Simple setup on all popular devices
  • Strict zero-logs policy
  • Doesn't work with BBC iPlayer
  • Doesn't work in China


IPVanish is fast and especially great for torrenters and Kodi fans. It also works with Netflix though the situation is different with BBC iPlayer — for which we've had a hard time finding a reliable server.

Its desktop apps are not among the prettiest ones, but they get the job done. The important thing is that installation is easy and straightforward, and that no logs are kept by the company.

When it comes to pricing, IPVanish is somewhere in the middle — it's not the most affordable option but also not the most expensive one. As noted, it will be most appreciated by heavy BitTorrent users, and — related — Kodi fans.

Why use a VPN on your mobile?

We would think it is common sense to have a VPN running across your devices but we do understand that some folks are skeptical as they may think that yet another app could slow down their experience. We’re happy to say that won’t be the case, plus we’re giving you 5 reasons why you should get a VPN for your mobile:

1. Connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots

Although it is common knowledge that public Wi-Fi hotspots aren’t as secure as one’s home or office network, people still use them. And there’s nothing wrong with that as sometimes it could be your only way to access the Internet, like when traveling to other cities and countries.

Without a VPN, everything you do online is visible to the hotspot operator and could be used against you. Like that’s not enough, a malicious party could also be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and snoop into your web traffic to potentially cause havoc. These so-called “man in the middle” attacks are on the rise.

A VPN running on your smartphone will encrypt all data coming to and from your mobile device and the rest of the Internet — thus making it impossible for anyone to snoop into your traffic.

2. Anonymity

Your mobile operator knows everything you do online, and the same goes for Google and Facebook — which tracking pixels are placed on millions of sites across the web.

However, with a VPN running on your mobile device, your mobile operator and tech giants won’t have a clue of your web whereabouts — except when you tell them so (i.e. you check-in somewhere on Facebook). You get anonymity, which is, unfortunately, a luxury these days, even though VPNs are not expensive.

A VPN gets you that anonymity by routing all traffic between your phone and the server (website) you’re visiting, with that site owner thinking that your IP address and location is the one of a VPN server. Also, it can remove all tracking code while showing regular HTTPS traffic to your mobile operator. This process gets you back your privacy.

3. Bypassing censorship

Another reason to use a VPN is to bypass firewalls in high-censorship countries. The most infamous of which, the Great Firewall of China, blocks the local population from accessing global media organizations as well as social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and so on — as well as some VoIP services like Skype.

Unfortunately though, China is not the only place with limited access to the world wide web. There are a few other countries where people use VPNs to bypass these artificially placed barriers to be able to find out what’s happening in their own backyard. Or just to be able to watch the latest music video, keep up with friends on social media, enjoy a Netflix show, and so on.

With a VPN running on your smartphone, the world is your playground no matter where you happen to be at any given moment.

4. Accessing geo-blocked content

This one’s similar to the previous point but also very different.

A similar part stems from the fact that part of the Internet could be blocked for you without using a VPN. The difference is that this time the culprits are in the West where you would think you can get all the freedom you want.

The main reason why you can’t access some content is related to the intellectual property, with (mostly) streaming service providers buying rights for certain TV shows only for specific geographies, promising not to allow anyone else (outside of those regions) to access that content.

As a result, you may not be able to access your own Netflix account from another country. Except, again, if you’re using a VPN — which you should first use to connect to a server in your country and only then start the Netflix app.

This, in case you wonder, is how people from all around the world are signing-up and watching movies and TV shows from the vast US Netflix catalog. And the same goes for other popular services such as Disney+, HBO MAX, Hulu and so on.

5. Saving money on online purchases

You may have noticed how the prices of some products and services change during a single day?

This is especially the case with airline tickets, which seemingly have a different price every time you visit the site of an airline, Expedia or some other site.

This, so-called dynamics pricing, has been put into place by the travel industry to get the maximum amount of money from travelers, using our potential interest in purchasing some tickets as a benchmark for the price of the moment.

For example, try searching for a flight between New York and Los Angeles on one airline a few times during the day. Chances are you’ll see how the price keeps growing and sometimes — this increase is hard to justify. The airline’s software has detected your interest in buying that ticket and is now checking to see how much you’re willing to spend. So it will dynamically be raising prices to entice you to buy-in sooner rather than later.

With a VPN, however, the airline doesn’t stand a chance as you could change your virtual location (connect to a different server) a few times during the day, and it will always see you as a new customer — thus getting you the best deal.

And the same could be said for some special offers that are reserved for people living in certain locations – with a VPN, you get to benefit from such deals, as well.

Hopefully, we have helped you decide to get a VPN for your mobile device, but that is only a part of the equation. The best idea is to…

Get a VPN for all your devices!

Remember that a VPN can also work on your tablet, smart TV and even router when your entire home or office network gets to benefit from a more secure connection. A good VPN will:

  • Protect your privacy from the government and big corporations
  • Bypass restrictions imposed by the government or various organizations
  • Change your IP address so you get unrestricted access to Netflix, Disney+, iPlayer, HULU, and other video streaming services
  • Encrypt and protect private data from cybercriminals
  • Download files with BitTorrent anonymously

The top contenders that check all these boxes — while also working on mobile devices — include the following:

30-day money-back guarantee
30-day money-back guarantee
45-day money-back guarantee