Check my VPN

How can you check your VPN, whether it's working and how fast it is...

Check my VPN

In our latest Q&A episode, we are answering a question from our reader who asked us how he can check his VPN.

To the relatively simple “check my VPN” question we have a twofold answer which should help you determine whether you have a VPN you can rely on. Let’s get started, shall we?

Check the IP address

First and foremost, you’ll want to know whether your VPN is actually working and for that – you should check whether you got a new IP address. The process for doing this is straightforward:

  1. Turn off your VPN
  2. Use Google to search for “what’s my IP address”. Remember or write down the result (your IP address)
  3. Now, turn on a VPN
  4. Again, use Google to search for “what’s my IP address”.

If the two IP addresses are different — and they should be — your VPN is working as it’s now routing all traffic through one of its servers. And you now have an IP address of that (VPN) server.

The second part is to…

Check the speed

For this, we suggest using Ookla’s popular SpeedTest. Yet again, this test is rather simple to do:

  1. With a VPN turned off, visit Ookla’s SpeedTest and start it. Remember the results for download and upload speeds.
  2. Turn on your VPN and repeat the test with Ookla.

Chances are you will see the difference between the two results and that’s ok. What you should strive for is to have a minimal difference so that your experience isn’t that much affected with a VPN turned on.

Which brings us to the last point…

Final word

We always suggest users to get the best VPN money could buy. And considering that even the Best of the Best VPNs cost just a few dollars per month, you shouldn’t sweat over that decision.

The best VPNs will deliver great download and upload speeds, without keeping any logs of your activity. As a result, you will get to regain your privacy. And that, we believe, is worth all the money in the world — but again, pretty much everyone can afford a VPN.