How Do I Find My IP Address?

It's easy to find your IP address and it's also not hard to hide it...

How Do I Find My IP Address?

There are many reasons why you would want to know your IP address; for instance, you may need it for work – so that your employer can allow connections from your IP address. Or you may need it for online gaming. Or some other reason…

In any case, it is really easy to find your IP address. Simply type “what is my ip address” in Google and press enter; and you’ll see your IP address.

Change your IP address with a VPN

A VPN service lets you connect to one of its servers, after which — as far as the rest of the world is concerned — you’re accessing the Internet from that (VPN) server. And consequently, you get that server’s IP address.

This capability is the reason why VPN users can access geo-restricted content that could otherwise be outside of their reach. For instance, without an American IP address – you can’t access streaming services such as US Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu and so on. Or you may not be able to access BBC iPlayer from where you live.

You could also use a VPN to connect to some other service that may be required for business purposes – not just for entertainment.

Additionally, with a VPN you get to anonymously surf the web or download stuff using BitTorrent — or whatever else you want to do online without anyone knowing about it.

So, how to see your new IP address?

And by “new,” we mean the IP address that has been provided to you by a VPN service.

You can get it the same way you got your original IP address — again, just google “what’s my IP address.”

Or, in some VPN apps, you get to see your IP address before clicking/tapping the “connect” button. This is arguably an even easier way to find out your (new) IP address.

Hide your IP address with a good VPN

We think all of us should hide our IP addresses as they can reveal a lot about us. For instance, it can reveal the city you’re in as well as the ISP you’re using to connect to the Internet. Combined with other data that your web browser shares with all websites you visit, you leave quite a trace behind — allowing advertisers to better target you with ads. And that means even more ads.

There is no good reason why you would want more ads (rather than fewer). So in order to avoid that – get a good VPN and hide your online whereabouts. Start by checking out our page with the Best of the Best VPNs. It’s an easy to comprehend list and we’re sure you’ll quickly find a service that works for you.