How Much is a VPN?

Questions regarding the price of a VPN are one of the most common ones we get and here we want to answer it once and for all.

How Much is a VPN?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is related to the price of VPN services. It is kinda obvious and many folks have heard of free VPNs — some of which actually get the job done… sometimes. But sometimes those same VPNs refuse to work and there is little you could do to change that. After all, you haven’t paid for the service. So… Let’s get into details, shall we?

Yes, there are free services…

And, as we’ve noted above, some of them get the job done in certain situations. For instance, there are free VPNs that could help you bypass geographic restrictions imposed by your workplace, school, university and so on. Furthermore, some of these services could also help you get your Netflix fix from other countries and could also work with other video streaming sites. But…

That “but” is a dealbreaker for many; specifically – there are two issues with free VPN services:

  1. They don’t offer consistent connections – sometimes they work and the other times, you can’t use them with decent speeds.
  2. As far as you (don’t) know, they could be collecting and selling your data.

Running a good VPN service costs real money. There are servers to maintain and staff to pay. The free service can’t afford to offer a solid experience for long (first point), except if it sells the data of its users (second point). This data is valuable to marketing agencies and other entities that are mining for user behavior patterns to sell them various products and services. As they say – if the product is free, you are the product.

Which means…

You shouldn’t use free VPNs…

They may not only collect all information about your web whereabouts but will also deliver a service you can hardly rely on. While we understand that you can get many things on the Internet for free, there are also those that have to cost real money. And when it comes to VPNs, one of the main points is to keep your identity under the radar — which is possible only with a premium service that has a price tag. This money is then used to pay for infrastructure (servers), IP addresses and staff who maintain those servers — as well as other costs associated with running every business.

In contrast, a free service could hardly pay these costs without showing you ads which — the scary part is here — are targeted based on your browsing habits. Plus, the fact that they don’t have that many IP addresses (compared to paid VPNs) will make it easier for governments to detect their use. This further means that these free VPNs may not even work in all countries.

So, how much is a VPN?

To finally answer the main question of this article – the price of a VPN service.

It all depends, but we are generally talking about a few dollars per month with the price going down based on the subscription length — i.e. the longer you commit the better per-month price you’ll get.

We don’t suggest you save on your privacy, but to get the best service the money could buy. In that sense, we suggest checking out our Best of the Best VPNs page and get yourself a service from that list.

Alternatively, if you do want to check the price tag first, visit our Compare VPN page from where you can (obviously) compare different services by a number of criteria, the price being one of them.

Between the two pages, we’re sure you’ll find a VPN that works for your unique needs.