How to protect your Chrome incognito tabs on Android with a fingerprint

It's another layer of security you may want to consider adding to your digital life...

Chrome fingerprint protection

Even though we suggest everyone dump Chrome for a different, more privacy-friendly web browser, most Android users still use the default option. And that would be Google’s app.

We are sharing this tip for those users and everyone else who might be interested in this to let them protect their Chrome incognito tabs with a fingerprint. One could see how useful this could be as you don’t want anyone playing with your phone to see what you’ve been doing in Incognito mode.

From what we’re getting, this feature is still unavailable to everyone, but you should look for app updates to see whether Chrome is affected. Cause once it is updated, you will be able to hide your Incognito tabs with a fingerprint.

Anyway, here’s how you can secure your Chrome incognito tabs behind a fingerprint

1. Open Google Chrome on your Android device.

2. Type chrome://flags/#incognito-reauthentication-for-android in the address bar and hit enter. Or better copy/paste it.

3. Change the highlighted “Enable device reauthentication for Incognito” option from Default to Enabled.

4. Relaunch Google Chrome on your Android phone.

5. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner and go to Settings.

6. Tap “Privacy and Security” and find the option to “Lock Incognito tabs” when you leave Chrome.

7. Turn on the toggle to Lock Incognito tabs when you leave Chrome.

And you’re good to go.

Now, you will be asked for your fingerprint whenever you want to reopen a minimized Incognito tab. Or a PIN code, whatever works for you best. There is no need to let anyone know what you’ve been doing in Incognito mode.