How to Turn Off VPN on iPhone

There are not one but two ways to turn off a VPN on your iPhone...

iPhone VPN settings

We always advise users to have a VPN running across all their devices, including their iPhones. There are, however, times when you want — or have to — turn off a VPN and you may wonder what the best way to do that is. You can always turn it back on afterward.

There are not one but two ways to turn off a VPN on your iPhone, and we’ll discuss both of them in this article:

Method #1: Use the VPN app

Every VPN app we’ve seen has the on/off switch or its equivalent. For instance, some apps have the “disconnect” button that will do the trick.

It should be relatively easy to find your way to disconnect from the VPN connection within the app. Alternatively, you can do the same through the iPhone’s settings…

Method #2: Go to iOS Settings

The moment you start using a VPN, the new VPN section will be added to the Sections app, just below Personal Hotspot.

Tapping on it will open the VPN settings from where you can disconnect from a VPN server. From this section, you can also make sure your VPN doesn’t automatically connect in the future — tap the “i” icon next to the name of the service and make sure Connect On Demand is switched off. Also, you can delete your current VPN connection from here, if you fancy so.

Alternatively, you can access the VPN settings from the General section of iOS Settings.

Apple made sure the VPN settings are accessible from different parts of the Settings app, and we think that’s cool.

Now, we’re sure you have your reasons to turn off your VPN connection from time to time, but we must add you shouldn’t be doing that too often. After all, that VPN is meant to protect you, so you can safely browse the web, access parts of the Internet that are otherwise outside of your reach, or just keep a low profile online. It is one of the tools everyone should be using these days, so think twice before turning it off…