My VPN Location?

One of our readers asked us about the location of her VPN without going into details so here we answer that question...

VPN location

The other day, one of our readers sent us a short email inquiring whether we know anything about her VPN’s location.

We were puzzled at first, cause the question could be referring to two things:

  1. The physical location of the VPN provider’s headquarters
  2. The location of a VPN server the user is connected to

Let us try to briefly address both things.

VPN’s physical location

It matters, big time. Ideally, you would want to sign-up for a service that is not based in the United States, Canada, European Union, Japan, China or Australia. Perhaps we’ve missed some country, though.

The countries mentioned above are known to share intelligence information and will also spy on their citizens online. Nothing too intrusive though — most of those countries are democracies, after all — but nevertheless, various government agencies will snoop around the Interwebs and try to determine if something’s “not right.” Guess part of it makes sense as that activity could prevent the next terrorist attack, but on the other hand it also potentially impedes the user’s privacy. And that is serious stuff as far as we’re concerned.

If you do go for a VPN service that is based in one of the countries mentioned above, make sure it has a zero-logs policy that is preferably verified (audited) by a reputable third party. For a safe choice, feel free to consult our list with Best of the Best VPNs.

VPN server location

Inside a VPN app, except if you click on the button that is equivalent to Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” – it will be up to you to select the server location.

For major countries, such as the United States, you can dive deeper and select the city you want to connect from. Or at least a coast (West / East).

And if you forget which server (in which country) you’re connected to, well – you can once again fire up the VPN app and click the “Connection” or “Status” button to see what’s going on. Heck, in most cases, you will see this information (currently connected server) on the app’s homescreen.

Final word

We gotta admit this was a bit awkward question, but we are always happy to help our readers. If you want to know more or have a very different question or comment, make sure to send us a message and we’ll do our best to get you back the best answer we could find. Again, we’re here to help. 😉