200 Million Twitter Users’ Private Information Up for Grabs

The hacker demanded $200,000 to return the breached data back, but warned that if their conditions are not fulfilled, they would release the data for free.

Twitter on a phone

Two hundred million Twitter users’ private information, including their email addresses, was put for sale after a breach exposed 400 million users’ private information in the last week of December 2022.

The hacker behind the breach had earlier demanded $200,000 from Twitter to return the stolen data and warned if the demand is not fulfilled, the data will be released for free.

And it’s not a bogus threat, with researchers at Privacy Affairs confirming that the leaked data set on the hacker forum is legit.

The data with 200 million users, after the duplicates have been removed, could be used to initiate social engineering or so-called “doxing” campaigns.

The analysis of original file dates and account creation dates “strongly suggests” the data was collected from early November 2021 through December 14, 2021.

Unsurprisingly, many Twitter users demanded that the social media platform looks into security as these hacks could put activists and whistleblowers in danger.

The data breach vulnerability has been patched now, but tracing back to the hack – it seems it was used for another exploit in July 2022.

Again, this is one of those situations when you can do little about it. You can watch out for funky emails and not click on anything that looks too good to be true. That’s the way to stay safe from most phishing threats. And, of course, use a VPN. 😉