Cure53 Audits NordVPN, Finds It Trustable

The independent infrastructure evaluation highlights Nord Security's eagerness to ensure transparent operations, advanced online security, and reliable user privacy

Cure53 Audits NordVPN

Cure53, which is a Germany-based cybersecurity firm that has been running software tests and code audits for more than 15 years, has once again been hired to audit NordVPN.

In its latest engagement, Cure53 conducted a penetration test and source code audit against the NordVPN servers, infrastructure, and NordVPN desktop applications for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The server and infrastructure examination was perpetrated in September and October 2022, while apps and add-ons were inspected in July and August 2022.

Cure53 also investigated and assessed NordVPN websites, browser extensions, NordVPN API, NordVPN Threat Protection API, Pricing API, NordAccount, NordCheckout, Nord UCP, VPN servers, and NordLynx server-side code.

All the detected critical, high, and medium severity vulnerabilities were fixed and approved by the Cure53 authority, ensuring that NordVPN implemented all mitigations correctly.

Complete reports of these assessments are accessible to all NordVPN users via the user control panel on the website or simply by following one of the links below:

Cure53 had a lot of praise for NordVPN’s operations. “In summation, the relatively typical volume of vulnerabilities detected for a scope of this magnitude indicates that the entire client software complex has already made strong progress from a security perspective,” they said.

Also, the cybersecurity auditors were pleased with NordVPN’s mobile services, saying, “To provide a conclusory comment on mobile security in general, the NordVPN mobile applications garnered a robust impression and are observably effective in minimizing the attack surface.”

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