Google’s VPN Is NOT Something You’ll Want to Use

The search giant already knows a lot about every one of us, but that apparently is not enough...


Google has recently joined the “VPN race” with an offering of its own, but that doesn’t mean you/we should just jump in and use it like any other VPN. Cause it’s not a “yet another VPN.”

Google is already tracking you

Google and Facebook are among the companies that know many things about all of us. While some users openly share their whereabouts on Facebook, Google has to figure that out on its own. Therefore, it is looking at what you search for online, which websites you visit, which mobile apps you use and where do you go.

The search giant manages to accomplish all this thanks to its product offering that includes the Google search engine, Chrome web browser, Android mobile operating system, Google Maps, and more.

But when you have a VPN running on your devices, Google can’t follow you that easily. In fact, you can spoof it into thinking that you’re in some other place rather than your home or office.

However, if it also offers a VPN you use – it will again know everything about you.

We don’t trust Google VPN…

With all of the above being said, we can’t help but distrust Google’s VPN service.

Google makes its money from selling us personalized ads and even if they don’t collect that much data on their VPN’s usage at the moment – they could switch boats at any moment and we can’t do anything about it.

One of the main ideas behind every VPN is that it provides users with privacy, which is almost a form of luxury these days. And that privacy includes hiding from the likes of Google — therefore, we don’t want Google’s VPN even if it comes included as part of their existing service (Google One).

VPNs undermine Google’s power

And we love ’em for that. As noted above, Google already knows a lot about every one of us, so why give it another way to capture even more data?

A VPN is one tool that helps you stay under the radar when using Google and Facebook, among other services. And when these Big Tech companies can’t follow you online, they lose their power — which lies in their ability to collect all the data they can about us, put it through some fancy algorithms and serve us ads for products and services we seemingly want to buy.

We think it’s enough. We as users should be in control of what every company does with our data. And that’s why we love VPNs – they help us “take the power back,” as the song says.

To join this revolution, hop over to our page with Best of the Best VPNs and take it from there. Then yell with us – freeeedom! 🙂