VyprVPN Review


    VyprVPN is one of the most secure services out there with advanced tools that make it work even in countries like China. It's not the fastest VPN, mind you, but it's not a slacker either. Let's take a deep dive in VyprVPN, shall we?

    Servers & Locations

    700+ servers
    73 locations
    66 countries
    300,000+ IPs

    LocationVyprVPN operates a network of more than 700 servers spanning over 70 locations across 60+ countries and 6 continents. The US alone is covered with servers in about a dozen different cities.

    Vypr's network is powered by the software that enables dynamic server switching which, according to Vypr, will prevent overloaded or unavailable servers. As end-users, we can only attest that we haven't experienced any overloads or slow connections -- so we assume that has something to do with how Vypr's network is structured.

    VyprVPN also has 300,000+ global IPs -- which is by far the largest number of addresses we've seen in any VPN provider. Again, as end-users, this means that every time we connect to a Vypr server, we'll get a different IP address, making it next to impossible for anyone to track us down. And we like it that way.


    Available on: Windows Mac OS Android iOS Linux

    PlatformAll major desktop and mobile platforms are covered, as well as some uncommon ones for which there are easy-to-grasp manuals. You can also set up your router to sign along VyprVPN.

    Unfortunately though, there are no dedicated browser extensions, though any traffic on a Mac or Windows PC will be routed through a desktop app.

    The situation is similar with streaming devices and gaming consoles, which will get protection when connecting through a previously configured router. Smart TVs are supported though, especially those running the Android TV platform for which there is a dedicated VyprVPN app. Other smart TVs could be manually set up to work with the service.

    Furthermore, Vypr will also work with Silent Circle's super-secure Blackphone, QNAP NAS solutions, Anonabox and devices running BlackBerry 10. Some manual configuration may be required with these products, but those owning one of them will be glad to know that Vypr has their back.

    A single license lets you run VyprVPN on 5 devices at the same time.


    SpeedVyprVPN isn't exactly the fastest VPN out there, but it gets the job done. For what it matters, we have noticed that upload speeds tend to be higher than download speeds. That's great news for torrent users who enjoy to "share the fun." Also, those looking to stream stuff from services like Netflix can rely on VyprVPN to enjoy favorite their shows -- presuming they find a reliable server (more on that in a moment).

    On the other hand, if you are working with large files and want to keep your identity under the radar, you may want to get a different VPN. This is especially true if you are connecting from Southeast Asia or Australia, when you may experience slow downloads.

    Those connecting from a Western hemisphere will get all the good stuff. As well as those trying to bypass the Great Firewall of China (again, we'll talk about it in a moment).

    Security & Privacy

    SecurityVyprVPN ticks all the right boxes, offering AES-256 encryption in tandem with a suite of protocols -- including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP and its very own Chameleon protocol.

    The company operates its own DNS servers with a NAT firewall to block unwanted incoming traffic. Its VyprDNS is a zero-knowledge service available exclusively for VyprVPN users. This increases user privacy and allows the company to defeat censorship across the world.

    Using VyprVPN with VyprDNS, your data and DNS requests pass through an encrypted tunnel that defeats "man-in-the-middle" DNS attacks and prevents DNS filtering so you can experience an open Internet.

    VyprVPN is also utilizing the mentioned Chameleon protocol to help it beat censorship and web blocks, with ISPs not even realizing you are using a VPN. Again, this means VyprVPN can bypass the Great Firewall of China as well all other blocks a government throws at its constituents.



    VyprVPN has a strict zero-logs policy. Period.

    This wasn't the case always, but these days you can rely on VyprVPN NOT to collect any piece of information about its users.

    Whereas many other VPNs claim to be "no log," Vypr wanted to prove that its claim is not some marketing gimmick. So, it hired an independent firm to perform a full and complete audit that certifies its "absolute dedication to transparency." In September 2018, Vypr's owners -- Golden Frog -- engaged Leviathan Security Group to evaluate its service and ensure that no Personally-Identifiable Information (PII) about customers with respect to their use of the service are logged by Golden Frog except as required for business operations. And it passed the test(s)!

    Also, for what it matters -- and it actually matters a lot -- VyprVPN is based in Switzerland, which has a long history of supporting the privacy of its constituents.

    Ease of Use

    Easy to useLike that is the case with most great VPN apps, VyprVPN is super easy to use. You won't be presented with a ton of options, but just a few that matter the most -- like selecting the server.

    But fear not, advanced features are just a click away, letting the experts thinker with all the different options they could imagine, and then some. Also, these are explained in plain English.

    When it comes to mobile apps, VyprVPN rocks. The situation wasn't always like that, but at around mid-June 2019, they got a major update, and voila - we suddenly love 'em. Available on iOS and Android, Vypr's mobile apps are slick, fancy and... just the way we like it.

    And if for some reason you're stuck -- you can always consult set-up guides on VyprVPN's website. Which leads us to...

    Support chat


    You'll be pleased to know that VyprVPN offers 24/7 live chat. It could take a few minutes to get your answers, but you'll get them at the end.

    The support section is also full of information, but nothing close to what top providers are offering. For instance, while we were checking it, there were no video tutorials. Not a big issue -- you still get to chat with real people -- but we had to mention it, nevertheless.

    There are FAQs, setup guides, tutorials and more. We're sure you'll easily find your answers there, but if you don't want to bother -- try the live chat support. That's how we roll. ;)

    Streaming & Torrenting

    StreamingVyprVPN is a solid service for accessing video streaming services. The company promises to help you "bypass your ISP's congested networks and achieve significantly faster speeds on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and other web services." Except if you want to stream some movies or TV shows in 8K (if you find such content), VyprVPN will provide you with true buffer-free experience.

    The situation is not that simple with BBC iPlayer and we have BBC rather than Vypr to blame for that. For one reason or another, the British company keeps blocking VPN providers. We did read stories of people making VyprVPN work with BBC iPlayer, but the process involved finding the right server. This could take time, but if you're a fan of the BBC's content - I guess it's worth the effort. Or you could try some other service, instead.



    The good news is that VyprVPN is treating all traffic equally, whether it's P2P or something else. In fact, it seldom mentions torrents on its website, presuming it to be just another Internet service everyone should be able to enjoy. And that's how it acts in real-life, presenting no limits, caps or anything else that sits between you and the file you want to download.

    That being said, while you will be able to download files via BitTorrent with VyprVPN -- we must add that we have tested faster services, namely those offering dedicated P2P servers.

    Nevertheless, you will be able to rely on Vypr to get your files as well as to watch videos with Kodi, which uses BitTorrent for streaming.

    Bypassing censorship

    CensorshipThis is where VyprVPN truly shines -- it is one of the best services for getting around the Great Firewall of China.

    VyprVPN uses the earlier mention "Chameleon" protocol that masks everything you do on the internet. And unsurprisingly, the government of China figured that out -- prompting the removal of VyprVPN in local app stores. Therefore, if you plan to visit China, grab VyprVPN before landing in Beijing (or wherever you happen to travel).

    Needless to say, if it works in China -- VyprVPN will work in other places as well -- including countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and so on.

    Finally, it's worth knowing that Chameleon is only compatible with the VyprVPN apps for Windows, Mac, Android and router. Unfortunately, due to VPN restrictions by iOS, Chameleon is NOT currently available on VyprVPN for iOS.

    Good to know... VyprVPN proudly owns, engineers and manages its VPN servers to be able to "deliver fast and reliable connections." Whereas some other VPN providers use 3rd-party companies to host their VPN servers - it doesn't and is one of just a few VPNs who handles users' data so their privacy and security are protected from end-to-end. In addition, the company has also written 100% of its code and "optimized VyprVPN for modern broadband connections." One of its own solutions is the mentioned VyprDNS, a zero-knowledge DNS service which together with the Cameleon protocol, helps Vypr's users bypass censorship all across the world.


    ExtrasVyprVPN offers a special service called VyprVPN Cloud, formerly VyprVPN Server, which is dubbed an easy-to-use, highly secure VPN server deployment solution that enables users to add an additional layer of security when accessing their public or private cloud servers.

    The service was designed to eliminate the frustrations traditionally associated with configuring VPNs. It offers a highly-secure, flexible solution that is easy to set up and doesn't require significant hardware investments or lock users into a proprietary system.

    Currently, VyprVPN Cloud is offered for DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and VirtualBox.


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    Accepts PayPal accepts PayPal

    PriceVyprVPN accepts all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal and Alipay. Cryptocurrencies are not supported, though.

    The service used to be available in two tiers, but today the situation is different and there is only one plan. This, in case you wonder, is the way we like it... No need to complicate things with multiple, rather similar, options to choose from.

    1 month$10$10.00 
    1 year$5$60.00Save 50% 

    Money-back guarantee

    Free trial and money-back guarantee

    VyprVPN used to offer a 3-day free trial, but that is no longer the case. Last time we've heard from them, the company told us they are phasing out the free trial offer. What stays, however, is a 30-day money-back guarantee which we're taking to be equally good (and it lasts longer). So after using VyprVPN for less than a month, you can fire-up that live chat and ask for your money back. It's actually that easy.




    • Works in China
    • Many servers in Asia
    • Strict zero-logs policy
    • Advanced services like VyprVPN Cloud
    • No browser extensions
    • Torrenting could be better

    Our scoreVyprVPN offers a high level of privacy and is especially useful for those frequently traveling to places like China where your web whereabouts may be limited by the country's censorship practices.

    It manages to bypass restrictions in high-censorship countries and elsewhere by relying on its proprietary Chameleon protocol, which can easily slide under the radar.

    VyprVPN is also great for accessing video streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and so on -- delivering the true buffer-free experience every single time. It will also work with BitTorrent, and consequently - Kodi.

    VyprVPN has a strict zero-logs policy. Period.

    Our score: