Top Free VPN for Android

There is one free VPN app we recommend to Android users to try for free - and upgrade if they determine it works for them...

best VPN for Android

Although there are many apps that promise to deliver free VPN service to mobile users, only a few manage to deliver on that promise. Heck, even some that are free come with a caveat and will collect the user’s information in the background only to sell it at a later date to companies interested in this sort of information.

So, it is hard to recommend anyone a good free VPN as we know that running such a service costs a lot of money — prompting the mentioned data collection “behavior” from the VPN service providers.

However, there is one VPN we can safely suggest to Android users:

Hotspot Shield is the top free VPN for Android

It offers a limited service for free that could be just the thing you need, at least to get started. Here’s what Hotspot Shield’s free plan includes:

  • 1 device (there is no support for multiple simultaneous connections)
  • Limited streaming access (you should get a paid VPN for this)
  • Up to 2 Mbps (enough for web browsing)
  • 500 MB daily data limit (could be enough for many users)
  • US-only (1 location)

Hotspot Shield’s premium plan (which isn’t free) adds support for 5 devices while removing limits of all kinds. You will be able to use it to access any streaming service you like and roam the Internet without anyone knowing what you’re doing online. And that, we think, is the main point of a VPN service — to get you anonymity on the Internet.

Looking beyond Android

Your Android smartphone (or tablet) may be the single most used device but chances are, you also have a computer — which too could benefit from VPN protection. And you should get a VPN that will work for all devices you use.

Whether you need it to bypass various restrictions in a school, a workplace or a high-censorship country — or just to keep a low profile on the Internet — a good VPN will cover all your needs.

Moreover, it will also secure your connection while connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots, encrypting all data coming to and from your devices to protect your personal information. In case you didn’t know, the number of these “man in the middle” attacks has been increasing in recent years. But luckily, so has the use of VPNs.

Since you’re into Android and you want a free solution, start with the free Hotspot Shield plan and upgrade if you determine it works for you. Hit the link below and take it from there. Or you can get the Premium plan right from the get-go. It’s your call.

Hotspot Shield
Our score:
Price from: $2.99/mo
45-day money-back guarantee



  • It's super fast!
  • Works with Netflix, BBC and others
  • Easy to use apps, browser extensions
  • You can try it for free!
  • Some advanced features are not configurable
  • Not the best for high-censorship countries