Use a VPN to File Your Taxes This Year

Your data will be secured with a VPN and you also get to reap other benefits...

filing taxes

With the tax filing day approaching, it is smart to start thinking about it. If you still haven’t done so, now’s the time to file the taxes online — it’s both faster and easier. And unsurprisingly, taxpayers e-filed more than 138 million returns in 2018, according to the IRS.

While this is an impressive figure that will undoubtedly keep growing, it also leaves the data of millions of Americans vulnerable to hacking and identity theft. An antivirus running on your computer can help, but you should also use a VPN to further secure communication between your device and IRS’ servers.

Here are a few reasons why you should use a VPN to e-file your tax returns this year and reap other benefits a VPN provides, as well:

1. Your data stays private

With a VPN running on your computer, you benefit from a secure channel that is established between you and the IRS’ servers. Said channel will encrypt all data in the process, making sure it is kept hidden from the prying eyes. This, in turn, allows you to file your taxes even from a public WiFi hotspot.

That being said we have to add that we suggest you file your taxes from your home or office — it’s just good to know that your data will remain private even if you decide to conduct some transactions or make important filings from other places where you can’t get a 100% secure connection.

2. Access blocked websites

Say you filed your taxes, what else can a VPN do for you?

How about accessing blocked websites from anywhere. You know how some schools and companies forbid users to access the internet in its entirety? Well, with a VPN – you don’t have to settle for less than 100%. All of the internet is at your disposal, with no restrictions of any kind — and this applies to all countries around the world, not just select institutions where you live.

Roam free with VPN running on your computer, smartphone and tablet.

3. Keep your web whereabouts for yourself

Whether you’re filing taxes, watching some — ahem — funky movies, or accessing your online banking account – there is no need for anyone but you to know what you’re doing online. A good VPN will hide your web whereabouts, without keeping logs of any kind.

Bear in mind, that while some VPNs say they don’t keep logs, only a few take an extra step to certify those claims by invoking a third-party audit process. Those VPNs are the best and consistently top our lists.

4. Get your anonymity back

Again, this has little to do with your taxes but it’s important nevertheless.

With a VPN, you get to regain your privacy. That, in case you wonder, is a sort of luxury these days with both governments and corporations looking to find out what all of us are doing online. That data, when collected in bulk, has real value for them. They can sell it to third parties or shove us with ads that are increasingly getting annoying.

Just because I search for a fancy red car that doesn’t mean Google should serve me a ton of Ferrari ads. Don’t want that. Don’t like that.

5. Bypass censorship

Say you want to travel to a country with, shall we say, questionable internet policies. They may decide some website or service is not on par with their “standards.” So they decide to block it and that also affects all tourists visiting the country.

You don’t have to put up with that! Fire-up your VPN app and access all the websites you want. Facebook blocked? A VPN can help. Twitter? Same thing. YouTube? Sure enough. You get the idea.

A VPN is a powerful tool and, unfortunately, one that all of us need to have running on our devices — not just computers, but also smartphones and tablets. The best services offer apps for all popular platforms while offering strong AES 256-bit encryption, the so-called “kill switch” and a few other features.

Not sure where to find one of those “best services?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – hop over to this page and find a VPN for yourself. It’s actually pretty easy and before you know it, you’ll be roaming the world wide web without anyone looking over your shoulder. 😉