VPN Fake GPS Explained

Did you know that a good VPN running on your smartphone can spoof your location?

fake GPS

Most modern phones (if not all) come with a built-in GPS that is used for many things, including as an enabler of various location-based services. Think: navigation apps, but also Uber and Lyft; without GPS, those apps wouldn’t be that easy to use.

And, don’t get us wrong – we like having a GPS chip in our phones. It makes many apps — not just those mentioned above — work better. But, there is always some “but” with technology, GPS also lets app providers spy on us.

App makers track what you do and where you are

And it all starts (and ends) with Google which controls the leading smartphone platform – Android. At every moment, the search giant knows where you are and even where you’re heading. That’s a lot of power for one organization no matter how trustworthy it seems.

But Google is not the only one tracking you; other apps that can work in the background like Facebook can also access your location information. They store it and, over time, build a digital profile of you. Yes, you become an entry in their database — essentially a product of sorts — and their goal is to make money from every single entry of that database by serving them ads.

Luckily, you can do something about it…

Spoof your GPS information with a VPN

A VPN lets you connect to the server from their network and then show the entire Internet that you’re accessing some site/service from that server and not your real location. In a similar way, it can do that with your location when you’re using your smartphone or tablet — it can spoof your location. So instead of showing your current (real) location, it will show some other location you have chosen.

This effectively nulls location-based ads, especially if you opted for a location that is in the middle of nowhere. With little stores in sight at that virtual location, no one will bother you with “limited time offers” that are within your walking distance.

Sure, a VPN is not the only tool that can spoof your GPS location, but this capability comes included with many services — so there is no need to install another app on your device.

A VPN keeps your privacy well protected

That’s what we like about VPNs and that’s why we keep writing about them — they help us protect our privacy on the Internet, making it harder for the Big Tech and various government agencies to follow us online. In essence, privacy is part of our freedom and we don’t like to see anyone infringing on our rights.

It is time to get back your privacy and anonymity, and surf the web like it’s 1990s. You know, we’re talking about the time before there were Google and Facebook. Get a VPN today! ‘nough said. 😉