What is My VPN IP Address?

You can find your VPN IP address just as easily as when you're not using a VPN...

IP address

You got yourself a VPN and connected to a server in another country; now you’re wondering which is your new IP address. That’s what we’re going to explain here.

Option #1: Look into your VPN app

Many VPN apps let you see your new IP address, and you should be able to see this information in the status. Or, if it’s not visible there, you can tap on the connection status to get more information. Chances are your newly obtained IP address will be visible there.

Alas, not every VPN app offers this option, or it could be hidden somewhere in the settings. Luckily, there are other ways to find out your new IP address.

Option #2: Check your operating system

The operating system of your device — whether it’s a computer, a phone or a tablet — has information about your current IP address. And when you connect to a VPN, your operating system will also take note of it.

On all platforms, this information is somewhere in the Network Settings, though the exact location differs from one operating system to the other.

In Windows, for instance, you can get your IP address by running the “ipconfig” command in the command prompt (cmd).

Option #3: Ask Google

The easiest way to find out your new IP address is to ask Google. Simply type “what’s my IP” in Google and you’ll get the information — and that would be the IP address Google and the rest of the world will see.

In case you wonder, this is how we roll across platforms as it is easier than any other option.

Hide your IP address with a VPN

Speaking of IP addresses, it is very close to personal information as it lets the website owner, Google and Facebook (if the website uses Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel) know where you’re connecting from. An IP address will reveal not only the country you’re connecting from but also the city and, in some cases, even the city area.

Combine this with other data that your web browser shares with all websites you visit, you leave quite a trace behind — allowing advertisers to target you with ads better. And that means even more ads.

There is no need to share this information with anyone, so why not hide it? In order to do so, you are best off using a good VPN and for that – we suggest checking out our page with Best of the Best VPNs. There, you should find a service that fits your needs, no matter which those happen to be.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a VPN today!