How to Watch the Happiest Season from Anywhere

Are you looking for a new Christmas movie? This could be one, you'll just need a VPN to enjoy it from all over the world...

Happiest Season

Kristen Stewart’s new movie, Happiest Season, has been available in the U.S. from Hulu for a few weeks and has received praises across the board. You may want to watch it too, but it’s easier said than done. Except if you use a VPN, that is.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s first see…

What Happiest Season is all about?

If you haven’t heard about it before, you should know that Happiest Season is a 2020 romantic comedy that follows a woman who struggles to come out to her conservative parents during Christmas. The movie’s cast includes:

  • Kristen Stewart as Abby, Harper’s girlfriend
  • Mackenzie Davis as Harper, Abby’s girlfriend
  • Alison Brie as Sloane, Harper’s eldest sister
  • Aubrey Plaza as Riley Johnson, Harper’s ex-girlfriend
  • Dan Levy as John, Abby’s best friend
  • Mary Holland as Jane, Harper’s sister
  • Victor Garber as Ted, Harper’s father
  • Mary Steenburgen as Tipper, Harper’s mother
  • Ana Gasteyer as Harry Levin, a potential campaign donor
  • Jake McDorman as Connor, Harper’s ex-boyfriend
  • Burl Moseley as Eric, Sloane’s husband
  • Sarayu Blue as Carolyn McCoy

In the movie, Abby Holland and Harper Caldwell are a lesbian couple who have been dating nearly a year. Abby dislikes Christmas since her parents passed away, so Harper spontaneously invites Abby to celebrate the holidays with her family in her hometown. Abby sees this as the perfect opportunity to introduce herself to Harper’s parents and propose to her on Chrismas morning. However, on their way to the Caldwell’s house, Harper reveals she lied to Abby about coming out to her parents because she fears it will interfere with her father’s campaign for mayor and so doesn’t want to come out to her family until after Christmas. She asks Abby to pretend to be her straight roommate for the holiday, to which Abby reluctantly agrees.

And the story builds from here becoming more hilarious with the minute.

In the US, Happiest Season has been released on November 25th by Hulu.

How to watch the Happiest Season online in the US?

As noted above, the movie is available on Hulu, allowing users — those in the U.S. — to enjoy it on all their devices. A valid Hulu subscription is required and it also includes access to many other great movies and TV shows.

The problem, however, emerges when you want to watch Hulu from other countries. Then, you will need a VPN to trick Hulu’s servers into “thinking” that you’re on U.S. soil whereas in reality, you can be on the other side of the globe. And that’s what the next section is all about…

How to watch the Happiest Season from all around the world?

You will need a VPN to connect to a US-based server and then turn on the Hulu app.

But, if you don’t have a working Hulu account, you will first need to sign-up for one. For that, you can use a Hulu gift card, which could be obtained from MyGiftCardSUPPLY. From that site, you can also find gift cards for other media streaming services — you never know when you’ll need ’em.

Once you have a Hulu account, you are free to watch as many TV series and movies as you want from any place in the world. Again, fire-up that VPN, connect to a US-based server and… grab some popcorns.

A VPN offers so much more…

Happiest Season is cool but you shouldn’t get a VPN just to watch a single movie; cause a VPN has more to offer…

For instance, it will let you anonymously browse the web so that the likes of Google and Facebook — as well as various government agencies — can’t follow your digital footprint on the Internet.

Furthermore, a good VPN will also let you access other streaming services such as US Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and so on. Plus, it will encrypt all your online traffic which is especially important when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots — thus making sure savvy hackers can’t get ahold of your personal information.

A VPN app can run across devices and platforms, with the best services also including router support so you could protect your entire network. This will also allow devices such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming boxes to benefit from a more secure VPN connection.

With different entities looking to get our data these days, we think everyone should have a VPN on his/her devices. And if you’re into streaming services like Hulu, we suggest you start with our list of Best VPNs for Streaming and take it from there. Try them out and thank us later. 😉