Ivacy Offers 1-Year of Super-Secure Internxt Storage for Free

This partnership means that customers can get access to any of Internxt's subscriptions for free for a whole year with an Ivacy VPN subscription.

Ivacy - Internxt

Ivacy VPN has struck a partnership with Internxt, a zero-knowledge file storage service to help its users secure their cloud storage.

You may be thinking, “but I already use cloud storage, why do I need this?” Fair question. Many of us use some cloud-based storage… But how secure is it?

Known cloud service hacks

Some facts Ivacy shared in the post announcing the partnership with Internxt:

  • DropBox was hacked in 2012, putting the data and passwords of around 68 million users at risk.
  • Apple iCloud was hacked in 2014, and 500 private pictures of celebrities were leaked.
  • Around 3 billion Yahoo accounts were also hacked in 2013.

That being said, most of us will still use some cloud storage provider, because it’s convenient. Well, if that’s the case – why don’t go for a more secure solution?

Enter Internxt

As noted above, Internxt offers 100% security for your data using a zero-knowledge, decentralized cloud-based infrastructure.

It is designed from the ground-up to offer maximum data protection, with client-side encryption and fragmentation. In other words, you are the only person with the decryption key — meaning that you are the only one who can decrypt the files.

Once you upload your data with Internxt, it is first scrambled to mask the actual information, fragmented, and then spread across their servers placed worldwide. Each server contains only a shard of the jumbled version of your file, ensuring that hackers and cybercriminals never get access to a whole file, even if somehow they do manage to hack into one of their servers.

No third-party can ever access your data, not even Internxt — unlike several other cloud-based data storage services, where the apps have permission to access all your data. Heck, you may have even granted them those rights yourself.

What does this mean for Ivacy customers?

Internxt has four plans:

  • The basic one is free and it lets you upload up to 2GBs of data.
  • The second plan costs €0.95 per month and lets you upload up to 20GBs of data.
  • Their most popular plan costs €3.99 per month, allowing you to upload around 200GBs of data, and
  • Their forth plan lets you upload up to 2 TBs of data for €9.49 per month.

Ivacy’s partnership with Internxt means that their customers can get access to any of Internxt’s subscriptions for free for a whole year with an Ivacy VPN subscription. This way, they (you) get to enjoy not only safe and secure browsing but also an online vault where they know their data will be safe.

With this deal, you will be getting over €100 worth of secure cloud storage for free!

That, my friend, sounds like a good way to sweeten the deal. Now, if you still haven’t signed up for some VPN – why don’t you try Ivacy? Hit the link below and take it from there.

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