ProtonVPN’s Network Expanded and Now Includes 61 Countries

The new additions include the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, and Nigeria, with Georgia following in the coming weeks.

ProtonVPN now available in 61 countries

ProtonVPN has announced the expansion of its network, with the addition of the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, and Nigeria. Also, Georgia is set to join in the coming weeks as well, bringing ProtonVPN’s coverage to 61 countries.

The new server locations are readily available to users with Plus or Visionary plans; also, servers in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Nigeria, and Georgia can be accessed while connecting to ProtonVPN’s Smart Routing service for “maximum speed performance, privacy, and uninterrupted access to local online services.”

The new server locations come partly based on the user’s requests; most notably, the Philippines was voted second in Proton’s poll last year.

A word about Smart Routing

In addition to unveiling new server locations, ProtonVPN also introduced its Smart Routing – which allows users to gain access to new VPN countries without the risk associated with having servers in more sensitive locations. For all intents and purposes, servers in Smart Routing-enabled countries will behave exactly the same as other ProtonVPN servers.

The difference is that the hardware is not physically based in the country displayed as the VPN location. Rather, ProtonVPN’s bare-metal servers are placed in the following locations:

  • Philippines → Singapore
  • Vietnam → Singapore
  • Cambodia → Singapore
  • Nigeria → Madrid
  • Egypt → Bucharest

ProtonVPN is obviously bullish about this new technology and is also using it to double its server capacity in some other countries, including:

  • Brazil → Miami
  • South Korea → Singapore
  • Taiwan → Singapore

By connecting to these new servers, users can browse the internet as though they were based in the location displayed, with the added benefit of being protected by ProtonVPN security.

As for the soon-to-be-launched Georgia servers, they will actually be based in Georgia itself.

The bottom line

Proton’s announcement concludes with their mission statement, which is to make online security and privacy accessible to all. And we like them for that. Heck, we even recommend them.

So, if you’re still looking for a good VPN for yourself, hit the link below and take it from there. Before you know it, you’ll be accessing the internet in a more private fashion. And that’s just the way we like it.

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