PureVPN Adds Always-On/VPN On Demand Feature to its Android and iOS Apps

The new feature aims to improve efficiency and provide guaranteed security in case the user forgets to switch the VPN on during any internet activity.

PureVPN on Android

PureVPN has recently launched a new Always-On/VPN On Demand feature in its iOS and Android apps to improve efficiency and provide guaranteed security in case the user forgets to switch the VPN on during any internet activity.

Here’s how to activate the new feature on iOS and Android devices:

VPN On Demand in iOS

As noted above, the feature allows users to instantly connect with a VPN when any internet-based activity is performed on the defined domains, such as when visiting a domain like www.youtube.com or www.vpnreports.com. In that sense, PureVPN reduces the effort it takes for users to connect to the VPN each time they visit a website they have defined in the settings; thus, whenever you visit one of these predefined websites and are not yet connected to the VPN, PureVPN is triggered to ensure that you have a VPN connection before accessing the site. This feature also protects you against data thefts and data leakage.

The VPN will be connected to the recommended location depending upon the best connection which app has to offer. But in the event that you’ve had a successful VPN connection to a previous VPN server, then the VPN would be connected to the most recently connected location.

The VPN On Demand feature is visible in the App’s settings under the General tab. In order to turn it on, you’ll have to tap the “Enable for domain” option, and then add all domains you want to be “covered” with this feature.

Always-On in Android

In Android, the Always-On feature allows you to instantly connect to the VPN when any internet activity is performed. This allows you to be connected to the VPN all the time and is useful if you need to make sure no traffic goes through your ISP if the VPN connection disconnects accidentally during a session.

Moreover, this feature ensures your security from cyberattacks and data thieves. The VPN is connected to the recommended location by the app; alternatively, if you have already previously connected to a different location, then the VPN will be connected to the most recently connected location.

The Always-On feature in Android is available in the app settings. There, you can tap on the “Open Android Settings” option, where you should select “PureVPN” and enable the Always-On option. As soon as you enable this feature, the VPN immediately connects.

On Android, PureVPN also offers the “Block internet without VPN” feature which disables the internet unless you are connected to the VPN. If this feature is disabled and you are not connected to the VPN, your Android device’s internet connection will be restored.

According to PureVPN, the new feature is especially useful to people who work remotely across diverse geographic locations and want to keep their internet activities secure. Also, it has been invaluable to those who use public Wi-Fi and want to be secure while browsing through their organization’s domain. But, really, anyone using a VPN for privacy would benefit.

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  • Large network delivering reliable speeds
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  • 3-day trial available for $2.50
  • Desktop apps feel clunky
  • Not so reliable for BBC iPlayer