PureVPN Upgrades 3 of Its Most Prominent Locations to 20 Gbps Servers

The great VPN just got better... and much faster!

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Like it or not — cause there are various conspiracy theories out there — the 5G is coming and PureVPN wants to be ready for it. To that end, the popular VPN has upgraded 3 of its most prominent locations to 20 Gbps servers — including London, Manchester and Washington DC.

And that, apparently, is just a start with additional 20 Gbit server locations being planned to go live by the end of this year.

What does these server upgrades mean for users?

With the new upgrades, PureVPN users will be able to enjoy:

  • Faster speeds than ever before when surfing on the web
  • Buffer-free streaming experience at all times
  • Downloads that finish way before you expected them to.

A big part of PureVPN’s server network — including all the locations in the US, Europe, and Australia — was already upgraded to 10 Gbps servers last year. Now, PureVPN is going for the next milestone.

Speaking of Australia, PureVPN says that they are now the fastest VPN service in the “Land Down Under.”

Other PureVPN improvements

Aside from implementing faster connections, PureVPN has also shelved dozens of virtual servers from its infrastructure and replaced them with physical servers. These are said to be more reliable and better equipped to deliver faster speeds.

Right now, they have just 69 virtual servers in the network and their entire server footprint is 98.7% composed of physical servers. Those virtual servers, in case you wonder, are in locations where placing physical servers is realistically impossible. To become 100% physical, PureVPN would have to remove these locations altogether and that’s not what they want.

Summing it up…

PureVPN is better and faster than ever. They have upgrade three key locations to 20 Mbps servers with more coming in the future. Also, they have been beefing up their infrastructure in other ways as well… So if you still haven’t found a VPN for yourself, perhaps you want to give PureVPN another look. All the details are on the link below.

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Price from: $2.91/mo
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  • Large network delivering reliable speeds
  • Dedicated streaming servers
  • Support for all kinds of devices
  • 3-day trial available for $2.50
  • Desktop apps feel clunky
  • Not so reliable for BBC iPlayer