How to Bypass Country Restriction for YouTube?

YouTube is not available everywhere but you can still access it with a good VPN...

bypass YouTube restrictions

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to YouTube. In some countries, the popular video sharing service is straight out banned. Yes, this includes China but some other countries as well.

In some places, YouTube gets blocked only during specific time periods, like elections, only to be unblocked afterward.

So what can you do in order to access YouTube from anywhere?

Option #1: Get a VPN for YouTube

To make it easier for you, we have tested more VPNs than we care to count. And out of the bunch, we selected those that will let you access YouTube from many places. At the same time, these same VPNs will let you unlock and unblock popular streaming services, bypass censorship and more.

To get started, visit our page with Best VPNs for YouTube.

Option #2: Get a country-specific VPN

There are a handful of countries that are harder to crack, China being one of them. Not every VPN is up for a task, so if you want to access YouTube from those countries – you’re best off getting a VPN for that specific country.

These VPNs will also cover other needs you may have, providing you with unrestricted access to the Internet in its entirety.

Hop over to our “Find a VPN” page and select the country you need a VPN for.

We typically get asked for recommendations for VPNs for China and VPNs for India, but you may live or work somewhere else. Wherever you happen to live/work, chances are you will find a VPN for yourself on the mentioned “Find a VPN” page.

Then, install the app across your devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc) and start browsing the world wide web with no limits of any kind. It’s your right, or at least that’s the way we see things.